Our Process

Our Process

In a nutshell...

Lightforge Ventures (LFV) is here to help your tech business reach its marketing objectives faster. We specialize in providing comprehensive, accurate, and actionable product assessments to develop technical marketing collateral. We kick things off by talking with key personnel from your organization to get an in-depth look at your product and documentation. With your feedback as our guide, we'll create practical situations for testing out the product experience before wrapping up the project by delivering content that's tailored to meet your exact needs. Our aim is to help you realize your goals and maximize your growth potential.

Client Engagement

Client engagements begin with interviews of key stakeholders. These discussions start with the following divisions within your organization:

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Engineering

Additionally, and ideally, this process would include one or two syncs with early adopting customers as well, provided this is agreeable to our client.

From these interviews, we establish a baseline of opinions and perceptions from within our clients' organization that are crucial for driving product and documentation exploration. After the interviews conclude, the LFV team receives access to a demo product environment and documentation that the client has designated as the center point of the engagement.

This first hands-on interaction with the clients' product and literature provides the foundation for initial analysis. Following this first engagement, LFV delivers a high-level analysis to the client, which covers the following areas:

  • Pain points
  • New (unique) marketing propositions & directions
  • Objection handling
  • Supporting collateral topics
  • Messaging validation

LFV strives to work closely with client stakeholders to determine deliverable goals based on this initial analysis. Following a consensus between LFV and the client, a second product-aligned engagement focused on building technical content will be undertaken. During this phase, LFV will do the following:

  • Create use case scenarios in line with messaging
  • Test use case scenarios to evaluate product experience
  • Prepare a detailed analysis of scenario execution

LFV will meet with stakeholders after this scenario-based analysis to discuss findings and determine the final acceptance criteria for deliverable collateral materials. LFV will present an outline of potential content that will be included in the final deliverables, as well as how this material fits into the overall marketing strategy of the customer.

Based on stakeholder feedback, LFV will create content for the customer in the desired form and format in a mutually agreed upon time-frame (dependent on format and word count). This final deliverable will contain content of the desired length and form; without branding, layout, or applicable styles. LFV personnel will make themselves available for further iteration on generated content or extension of project scope following completion of the initially scoped deliverable(s).